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CedarsBox Ready-To-Plant
Plant a cedar today! and why not offer a baby cedar tree instead of flowers? With the prepaid CedarsBox Ready-To-Plant, stand out with a delicate, uncommon and long-lasting gift.

The cedar, everlasting symbol of splendor, dignity and strength, is yet precious and fragile. For this reason, we recommend that you offer it to someone who has the possibility to plant it and to take good care of it. We wouldn’t want this baby tree to be forgotten or to be used as a home accessory.

This prepaid box
 includes a 1-2-year-old baby cedar tree and instructions to plant the cedar.

Get the CedarsBox Ready-To-Plant Cedar delivered to you or your loved ones - only available in Lebanon - for $20 USD only! $5 USD delivery fees will apply anywhere across the country. 
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